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2005 Devoti Finn

After a very happy 5 year marriage, the midlife crisis won. I am leaving Emma for a much younger one.

So the very fast (even with my limited talent) 2005 Devoti is for sale. The previous owner described her as:

“The boat was the last high specification boat built by Tim Tavinor (the
original builder) before leaving Devoti…she was built in 2005.”

• Transparant deck with antracite grey band around (beautiful combi)
• Twee drainage tubes
• Silver boom
• Continuous line system
• Brand new trimming lines (never used)
• Harken central Swivel
• Carbon Hitech rudder with carbon tiller
• Carbon tiller extension
• Carbon hiking extension
• Hand adjustable centreboard bolt
• Brand new Topcover,
• Boomcover,
• Ruddercover
• Steel trolley
€ 6.500

Hitmast 2014 (new model with high modulus carbon)
87 116 88 515
74 116 110 380
€ 2.500

Doyle New Zealand
• Blue medium/light, used in 2014 and 2015:
• Blue medium/heavy used in 2014, 2015 en 2016:
• Black medium/light, used in 2015 and 2016 (beautiful, light used sail. Cunningham should be fixed.
Three sails for € 750

North Sails E2
2016 Used for one week by PJ Postma and after that 5 times by me
2016 Never used
Two sails for € 1.250

I am desperately hoping to sell only the boat, because the mast is perfect and I recently bought some new matching sails. But if someone is only interested in buying the full package, it is possible. But of course; buying the mast, means also buying all the sails.

The friendly price (and I don’t even know you :lol: ) for the full package is: € 10.500

More information:

Ronald Ruiter
NED 67

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