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I must find a new home for my two old Finn racers. The two boats were once good racers but now 20 years out of date to compete . For any student starting out in Finns or as trainer boats or for when there is too much wind for normal racing they will do well. I used them for sailing if there was a lot of wind (option to my Yngling) and sparring with my sons. The boats are in good condition with some wear. I am offering the boats as starters or trainers to the various clubs as I know that for most young kids a competitive boat is too expensive to start with. This way I hope these boats go to a good home and get sailed hard like they should by kids at a club or so.

1: Vlieger built Finn NED 570 1984 (Vlieger, NL) all white, double bottom, teak cockpit for antislip. One Carbon Spar (Sweden ) carbon round mast for my weight (100 kg) and one aluminium red top needle spar. 2 used Victory sails, various extra dacron sails, full Harken, all trim options, now finished in Two part PU Epifanes white. Included is one combitrailer (road and slip) in galvanised steel, tires a bit old , otherwise in good condition, recently repaired and checked, one boat cover in good condition. Mast adjustment block (aluminium) is stuck. Asking 2300 euro

2. Roga built Finn 1978 , Blue deck white hull, one carbon wing mast self converted from a round carbon Hit mast by Jama sails with matching foil sail by Jama. used in competion about 6 years ago, the set is suitable for 100 kg with some length. The resulting mast is not pretty but quite effective as Jan Verhoeven (Jama) landed in the upper middle of the Harderwijk fleet with it. One round carbon Hit mast for lighter sailer, ca 85 kg, recent Devoti rudder. Included is a slip trailer (Kalf, steel galvanised) a boat cover in reasonabe condition, mast sleeve, rudder sleeve. Mast adjustment block works well by using the back end of the paddle to adjust. Boat is also finished in two part PU double coat by Epifanes. asking 1750 euro.

For the two boats in one buy with all the spare gear and sails to go to a club as sparring trainers or to students 3500 euro. All photo's available Just send an email to: schut58 (at)

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